Sep. 20, 2022




“I (Jesus) am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me

and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.”

John 15:5


 There once was a family who came from a meager background who had a son that earned a scholarship to go to college. He worked hard and graduated with a  Masters Degree and was proud of this accomplishment. He was the first in his family to obtain a college degree, and  let alone the first to even finish high school.

 He got home and waved his degree at everyone.  He sat at the kitchen table and as he showed it to his  mom and dad he said that tomorrow he was going to go right down to the bank and take out loan to buy a new car.

 The next morning he got up and met his dad at the breakfast table. His dad said, "Well son, what time are we going?" The son replied, "I'm goin' alone. I got my degree and I don't need anyone’s help anymore." And off he went. When he arrived at the bank he went to the information desk and the receptionist asked how she could help him.  

 "I'm here to take out a  loan to buy a new car", he  said. She looked at him funny and referred him to a loan officer, who greeted the  young man, "What can we do for you?" “I’m here  to take out  loan to buy a new car," said the boy proudly . “Well, what do you have as collateral?” The boy replied “What is collateral?”

  The loan officer replied,    "In order to get a loan, a person must have valuables equal  to the  amount of the loan." So the boy showed him his diploma.  The loan officer chuckled and told the  boy that his diploma was of no value to the bank. The boy was embarrassed, dejected and shocked as he thanked the loan officer and got up to leave.

 As he  turned for the exit,  he heard  a familiar shuffle and a familiar  voice asking  about his son. As the boy looked  up he saw his dad  coming toward him.  "Dad, what are you doing  here?"  the boy  demanded  in his moment of shame! I came to co-sign your  loan," replied his dad.

 The  boy then exploded,  "Dad you can't even read or write  and  I  have a college  diploma--how can  you possibly help? All you can do is make an  "X"  by your name! " 

 "Now, wait just  a  minute”  said  the loan officer. You listen young man, it was your dad  who can't read or write who worked  hard to give you  the  opportunity  to go to school. It  was his "X" that fed you and clothed  you through school; it was the sacrifice of his "X" that got you through school  and  it will be his "X" that gets you a loan from this bank!"

 Dear ones, the good news is that we are a blessed people. There are no self-made people is God’s kingdom. We all need Christ’s blessings and mercy in order to live. Jesus Christ co-signed our loan of life with His blood on Calvary’s cross. He paid our sin debt to our Creator Father. So, whatever trouble we are in, need we have, or fear we face Jesus is always present to help.

  As always, see you next time and have a great day!