Jun. 17, 2022



 “Fret (fear) not, for I have redeemed you;

I have called you by your name; you are Mine.”

Isaiah 43:1

   Did you ever feel weary? Did you ever stumble? Did you ever fail? Did you ever give of your love, only to have it abused, used and rejected by others? Did you ever feel the deep hurt of a broken relationship? Did you ever feel the loss of a close friend?  Take heart, for if you will listen closely you will hear the voice of your Master calling your name ... and soon it will be well again with your soul.

 The word "fret" comes from the old English word whose primary meaning is "to eat away, to gnaw, to chafe, to gall, to vex, to worry, to agitate, to wear away." The grace of God in the human heart works to calm the agitation that normally accompanies life in our complex world. People get discouraged for a number of reasons.

 Some get frustrated over an inability to accomplish a task or change a situation. At other times, discouragement comes as a result of the behavior of others. Separation from people we love and respect may add to our discouragement. Another reason may be a lack of purpose or destiny in life.

 A first step in overcoming discouragement is to realize and accept our limitations. We are human, not superhuman. As such, it is normal to get discouraged, for limitations are part of life. Yet, as Christians we are no to live there. We can take positive action to change our situation.

 The first of which is to accept a renewed dependence upon God. We can let the transforming power of His love invade the deadness of our soul; so that our sorrow is turned to gladness; our fear into faith; and our discouragement into hope.

 When God says He knows our name and that we are His, it means that He is well aware of your concerns and is ready, willing, and able to help. For example, He never has to say to me, “Hey, you.”  He always calls my name as does a friend, “Hey Carl.” Knowing a person’s name is like crossing an ocean into his world. Knowing a name opens us to the miracle of fellowship and relationship. Nameless greetings may be cordial, but they are not the stuff families or friendships are made of. When thinking of you while sitting on His heavenly throne, God never has to nudge the angel Michael asking, “Tell me again – what’s his or her name?” That would be depersonalizing.  God is there for you. You are family. He knows your name. There is a difference between, “I love you,” and “I love you, Carl.”

 When trouble comes ... fret not …God loves you.

 When disappointment comes ... fret not ... God is faithful.

 When you are pressured …  fret not … God never has to say “Oops”.

 When you are confused  …  fret not  … God is not.

 When you are persecuted … fret not … God is with you.

 When you are cast down ... fret not  ... God is not defeated.

 When darkness of soul comes ... fret not ... for morning is coming.     

 The good news is that no one is a friend like Jesus! God is on your side. Take heart. Don't give up yet! Christ is standing before you right now. He has been listening to your story and cares about every detail of your life.