Dec. 19, 2021




“For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given...

AndHis name will be called Wonderful...”

Isaiah 9:6

  For the Christian, Christmas is primarily about the birth of Our Savior, Jesus Christ. That is why the holiday is called “Christmas”. At the birth of our Savior, God in heaven gave awesome gifts to humankind. He gave His Son as our Hope, our Peace, our Joy, and the Way of Love. Not only was the miracle of Jesus birth in Bethlehem 2000 years ago a reality, but that same miracle can live within our hearts today. The Christmas spirit is not merely and emotion, but it can be a very real experience of faith today.

  Once upon a time there was a kind man named Saffron who lived in a small village just   east of somewhere and south of anywhere, with his two children - a boy named Johnny and a girl named Joy. Their mother had passed away from a sickness last year. They missed her very much. He was a master toy maker whose creations pleased children for miles around. One Christmas he decided to make his two young children very special presents - each was given a peg game. When completed, one showed a picture of a jolly snowman, and the other a beautiful Christmas tree. These were two of their mother’s favorite things.

  Johnny was a kid who was always upset about something. He was a whiner, who tended to magnify the negatives of life. When things didn't go his way he would hold his breath, turn red, and throw things. He was not a happy kid who looked at the proverbial glass of water as always being half empty.   Joy on the other hand was the exact opposite. She was a happy camper, full of love, patience, and graciousness. She was an optimist who saw the glass as being half full.

  When Christmas morning arrived they sat by the Christmas tree, and drank hot chocolate while munching on gingerbread treats. Father gave each their own gift which they eagerly received. Each was delighted with their present and started to play with them. Dad explained that there were square pegs and round pegs that had to fit into square or round holes. Some were big and others smaller. If they would take their time and complete the puzzle, he promised them a surprise at the end.

  Johnny attacked his gift selfishly and feverishly. Grabbing pegs and trying to jam them in any hole. Of course it didn't work and after a short while with a red angry face, and muttering how he hated the toy, he through the peg board and all of the pieces across the room. In a fit of frustration his happiness was gone as he sat pouting in self pity the rest of the day. And he was mad at his father for giving such a stupid gift.

  Joy, however,  listened to her father’s instructions and with a grateful heart began putting the puzzle together. She laughed and talked with her father as she patiently placed the appropriate pegs in the appropriate holes. If she needed help, father was there to help. After a short while, the puzzle was completed and she shouted with glee at the surprise picture of a beautiful Christmas tree before her.

  Joy was able to enjoy the moment, not because of the PRESENT itself, but the PRESENCE of her father and brother with her. She saw beyond the gift and into the heart of her father. In his selfish eyes, Johnny saw only the gift, and missed the heart of his dad. He lost his joy and thus was miserable.

  Moral: Don't allow the sadness or madness of the moment steal the blessings that our most Wonderful God gives. He loves to surprise us with blessings from above as we lovingly place our trust in Him and      His promises.

  As always, see you next time and have a great day...