Oct. 17, 2021




“My soul shall be joyful…for God has clothed me

with…garments of salvation…”

Isaiah 61:10b


Did you ever buy a pair of slacks that were too long? You carefully pick them off the rack and go to the dressing room to try on your new “Gee-I-really-look-good” image enhancers. They fit well around the hips and waist, but as you look down at the length you are shocked that you cannot see your feet - only waves of cloth stacked over your shoes. You then begin to wonder who in the world the manufacturer hand in mind when they patterned these pants.

 Anyways, because I tend to be of  average height (5’ 8”) and of full-figured girth (ruggedly handsome), I can rarely find trousers of the proper length. So, I have found a wonderful solution to my malady. When I purchase pants, off I go to my ideal neighborhood seamstress, whom I shall call  “Maria” (not her real name).  I know that she will make them fit just right for me.

 I find Maria to be a gracious lady. When I walk into her alteration shop, I can always find her sitting at her antique sewing machine quietly working her trade. She always has time for me and  I realize that she and her machine enjoy a melodious friendship that time has woven between them.

 Hanging above her head and stacked around her are legions of garments placed into her trust by people just like me. She knows just what to do – how to take the proper measurements,  what stitches to use, what color and type of thread, just how much to cut off, how much to take in and how much to let out, and how long the adjustments will take. She always has a stitch in time.

 Sometimes I find that, along with my trousers, there are times that my life just doesn’t fit right. It needs fixed. Valued relationships are out of sorts, faith seems vague, things are breaking down and Murphy’s Law is in full effect. It is then that I must remember that I have a friend I can go to for help.

 Someone who understands my situation and has answers. Someone “tailor-made” for me. Someone who sees me and the dilemmas of my life not just as they are, but in hopeful expectation  as to what they can be. Someone I can entrust my life over to. Someone who will bring resolution and comfort to my soul. I have found that when it comes to making lives right there is no one better than Jesus Christ.

 I have entrusted myself to His grace on many occasions and every time I have been pleased with the result. He is the “Someone” I go to when I need “a stitch in time.” I highly recommend Him. His work is everlasting. His shop is located at the corner of  “Ask -N- Faith” Streets. The price is right, He can alter anything, has very accommodating hours and never turns anyone away.

 The good news is that every once in a while, we all need a little help from our friends. I have learned over the years that no one is a friend like Jesus. He is ready, willing, and able to help. And best yet – He wants to care for you. He is ready for you to cast your care upon Him.